Everest Infra works on erecting telecom infrastructure and extensively rolls out products that are components to the telecom installations. This includes structures in steel viz. transmission towers across the length and breadth of the country. These and other passive telecom infrastructure are provided at world class levels that proves to be innovative and cost effective solutions for telecom operators. The elements in passive telecom infrastructure the company deals with include;

  • Tubular & Lattice Towers
  • EPC Solutions (Turnkey Projects)
  • Base Frames for Shelters
  • Cable Trays

The affiliated activities to telecom infra installations like the following are also handled by the company;

  • Cable laying
  • Cable Blowing
  • Splicing and Jointing
  • Trenchless ducting
  • In-building installations
  • Electrical works
  • FTH installations

Besides, the following activities forms the mass of the activities and processes the company works in in this regard;

  • OFC route planning
  • Developing detailed resource plans
  • Scheduling work coordination of cost factors
  • Managing client meetings and interactions
  • Program Management & Project Planning
  • Site survey for Radio Frequency (RF) and Micro wave (MW) installations
  • Installation and commissioning of antennas and antenna lines
  • Installation, commissioning and integration of telecom base stations
  • Building microwave links and fixed transmission equipment